Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On Our Way...

24 hours and counting. After several months of preparation and many nights of hard, studious labor we are ready to make our trek to China. It would be nice to think that this trip was going to be nothing but a two week vacation, but the pre-trip work we've done before hand would indicate otherwise. We've spent many hours, thus far, working to understand Chinese culture, the history of their aggressive economic status and how we as students can survive in this new world we're about to enter.

The focus of our trip will be the retailing side of business in China. In fact, the pinnacle of our trip will be a one day seminar where WVU MBA's will unite with Chinese MBAs and business leaders to compare and contrast Chinese and American retailing. Our part, as students, has been and will be to present a two-hour discussion and presentation on the different obstacles U.S. retailers face and then learn what retailing is like for our Chinese associates.

Heaven knows that this trip will not be all work. We can't wait to experience the culture and history that China has to offer. We've been told the shopping is amazing and food is something to experience. Many people don't know that some of WVU's most prestigious alumni are in China and play as excellent hosts...and you can be sure that as we meet (and I guess as we depart) we'll all be shouting "Country Roads" as we bring them a taste of West Virginia.